• What makes joints pop and crack and is it a sign of disease?

    Joints emit a variety of noises, including popping, snapping, catching, clicking, grinding, grating and clunking. The technical term for these noises is "crepitus", from the Latin "to rattle".

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  • Hip replacement patients can skip hip precautions, study suggests

    Low-risk patients undergoing a total hip replacement with a posterior approach can skip the standard hip precautions currently recommended for post-surgical recovery, according to a new study.

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  • Allergy to Metal Orthopedic Implants

    Metal implants are used in a variety of orthopedic surgical settings, including fracture repair and joint replacement surgery. Some people are concerned about developing an allergic reaction to metal implants. Is this possible, and could it be a cause of pain or irritation after surgery?

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  • What are the risks of knee replacement surgery?

    Knee replacement surgery is one of the treatment options for a knee joint that osteoarthritis has damaged. Osteoarthritis develops due to a breakdown of joint cartilage and the underlying bone.

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  • Solving Hip Pain

    When Courtney Gilman limped into my clinic, it was hard to believe he was walking let alone working as a tennis professional. Courtney had all the classic signs: stiffness, groin pain, difficulty sleeping at night, abnormal gait, and significant limitation in his quality of life and activities of daily living. A physical exam revealed decreased rotation of his hip and reproduction of thigh and groin pain with resisted flexion of his leg. X-rays performed in the office confirmed what I already knew, Courtney was a classic case of advanced arthritis of the hip.

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